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FOLK Newsletter Issue 66 Summer 2021 Contents: Common Names – Local Names on the Hill and Common; Committee Walkabout Meeting; In the News – Buglife’s B-Line Map; FOLK Work Party Report; Signs of Summer – Our long distance visitors; Mountain Bikes and Walking Routes; Gloucestershire’s Stone Stiles – The Project Moves on; Adders; The Word from Wayne (Car Parks, The Cotswold Way, Erratic Weather).

FOLK Newsletter Issue 65 Spring 2021 Contents: FOLK AGM 2020; FOLK Work Party Report; Bees Need Gardens; Litter on LeckhamptonHill; In the News (Cotswold Water Park – Gloucestershire’s new Site of Special Scientific Interest); Hills beyond Hills; UK Butterfly Population in Decline; In the News (Gloucestershire Citizen Science Project); The Word from Wayne (Higher Level Stewardship, Car Parking on the Hill, Revealing and Preserving Drystone Walls, Cycle Trails and Footpaths.

FOLK Newsletter Issue 64 Autumn 2020 Contents: Salterley Quarry; FOLK AGM; Work Party Report; Cheltenham’s Local Stone; Gloucestershire’ Stone Stiles; The Next Management Plan; Cheltenham Lottery; Cotswold Wardens Hart at Work; Cyclists and Walkers in New-Found Harmony; Bird’s Amazing Brains; In the News (1,000 New Trees for Cheltenham, People in Gloucestershire Relishing the Outdoors); The Word from Wayne (Higher Level Stewardship, Brownstones Car Park Extension, National Grid Funding Application, Grazing, Ash Dieback, Rural Skills Courses at Hill Farm).

FOLK Newsletter Issue 63 Summer 2020 Contents: Message of Hope; FOLK AGM; Work Party Report – Half Year Summary; Cotswold Wardens in Lockdown; Ash Dieback is not the End; FOLK Goes High-Tech; Friends Re-united by FOLKtalk; Smiles in the Sky; In the News; Paragliding from the Hill; 2019 Butterfly Report – Final Conclusions; The Word from Wayne (Strange Times, Dexter Cattle, Area 16, Higher Level Stewardship); Writers’ Corner.

FOLK Newsletter Issue 62 Spring 2020 Contents: FOLK – Past, Present and Future; Vernacular Names for places on the Hill (Can you help us?); Cheltenham Lottery; FOLK AGM (Much success to report – and an ambitious future, Guest Lecture – Countryside Management in Open Access Sites); Walking for all on Leckhampton Hill; FOLK’s First Crossword; 2019 Butterfly Survey -Preliminary Report; The Word from Wayne (Grazing by Dexter Cattle; Drystone Wall, National Funding, Extra Litter Bins, Historic Quarry Rail Line, Robocut, Orienteering, The Lido – The Devil’s Aquathon); Ash Dieback; Work Party Report.

FOLK Newsletter Issue 61 Autumn 2019 Contents: A New Cotswolds National Park? (Proposals): FOLK AGM (Special Lecture); Important News for Email Users (Help us Stay in Touch); FOLK at the Fetes; Cheltenham Lottery (Supporting Local Good Causes (including FOLK)); FOLK Work Party Report; June “Walkabout” Committee Meeting; Industrial Archaeology Walk; The Word from Wayne (Dry Stone Wall, Tramper Route, Rural Skills); Froghopper – Citizen Science Research; What is Xylella?; Bats on Leckhampton Hill; UK Wildlife at Risk.

FOLK Newsletter Issue 60 Summer 2019 Contents: Ninety Years of Freedom; Powering up the Hill and the Common; Seventy Years of Landscape Protection…; …and Ninety Years of Local Freedom; Unexpected Visitors; Epic Migration – One Cuckoo’s Story; Butterfly Survey 2018 -Part 2; Thank You Charlton Kings Parish Council; FOLK Quiz Night; Cuckoo Spit – Harmless or Hazardous; The Word from Wayne (The Dexter herd is thriving, Back from the Brink, Bat Walk, Industrial Archaeology, Drystone Wall); Drone Survey Update, FOLK Work Party Report, Guided Walks this Summer.

FOLK Newsletter Issue 59 Spring 2019 Contents: New Member’s Walk – October 2018; FOLK AGM 2018; Mapping Project; Do Tawny Owls Breed Successfully on the Hill and Common?; 2018 Butterfly Survey Report – Leckhampton Hill and Charlton Kings Common; Wild Flower Survey: 1957 – Today; Tales of the Unexpected; FOLK Work Party Report; The Word from Wayne; Guided Walks this Summer; Cotswold Conservation Board – Saving Wildflower Grasslands.

FOLK Newsletter Issue 58 Winter 2018 Contents: Stalwarts Remembered at the Wheatsheaf; FOLK AGM; Walter Ballinger: Stalwart and soldier; Cheltenham Remembers; The Flora and Fauna of Leckhampton Hill: How much has changed and why (The flora and fauna of Leckhampton Hill (WI, 1957), Why may the changes have occurred? (JH, 2018)); FOLK Work Party Report; The Word from Wayne (Cotswold Wardens, Cotswold Conservation Board, Back from the Brink, Trees outside woods, Progress with the management plan); Who Painted the Trig Point?; Aerial Photos; Smoke Signals (Butterflies at risk after heatwave, Cheltenham circular path, Hidden Cheltenham, Walks with wheelchairs).

FOLK Newsletter Issue 57 Summer 2018 Contents: Fayre and Fiesta; FOLK Work Party Report; The Word from Wayne (Dexter Cattle, Cotswold Wardens work including dry-stone walling and disabled access, work plans  ash dieback and tree planting).

FOLK Newsletter Issue 56 Spring 2018 Contents: Annual General Meeting; Quiz Night; Introducing Alex Chalk MP; 2017 Butterfly Survey Report; Anne North – Dexter Herd Awards; FOLK Work Party Report – Spring 2018; Smoke Signals (Bats on Hill, All “Friends” Together, Ash Dieback Spring 2018).

FOLK Newsletter Issue 55 Autumn 2017 Contents: Autumn marks another successful FOLK year; Introducing Trevor Smith; The Word from Wayne (Gallops path designation, Hopkins field drystone wall, contractual work, drone mapping, site visit with Natural England, inclusion of the golf course part of the SSSI, making hay, wildflower seed from Cowslip meadow); 2017 butterfly surveying on Leckhampton Hill and Charlton Kings Common; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2017; Smoke Signals (Heritage Open Day on Leckhampton Hill, ash die back in the news again, wildflowers return to Leckhampton Hill, finding out about bats on the Hill).

FOLK Newsletter Issue 54 Summer 2017 Contents: FOLK member honoured; Introducing Cheltenham’s new Mayor Councillor Klara Sudbury; The Word from Wayne (grazing of the site, orienteering event, Going the Extra Mile GEM project; the 2017 work plan; dogs, bike jumps); FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2017; Smoke Signals (fun and games at the Somerset Arms, butterfly monitoring – progress in 2017, introduction to the butterflies of Brownstone Quarry, Myxomatosis on the Hill, bluebells, Charlton Kings Village Fair, appeal from member (dog mess), rare bird spotted on Common (Grasshopper Warbler), another poem (by Alicia Stubbersfield) inspired by the Hill)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 53 Spring 2017 Contents: FOLK Membership – What does it mean for you in 2017?; Introducing Shirley Wood a founder member of FOLK; FOLK AGM 2016 feedback; The Word from Wayne (Hopkins fencing and stone wall, Bridge car park clearance, archaeology, scrub clearance funding; orienteering event); Butterfly Monitoring – what we saw in 2016; FOLK Work Party Report Spring 2017, Smoke Signals (Mayor’s tea party, orienteering event, threatening behaviour on the Hill, owl boxes introduced on the Hill, butterfly walks in Gloucestershire, more butterfly matters, fly tipping on the Hill and Common, Bridge car park drainage works, Leckhampton Moat, Leckhampton History Society programme 2016/7, ‘Sunday Morning Below Leckhampton Hill’ poem by Alicia Stubbersfield, sponsoring organisations)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 52 Autumn 2016 Contents: Autumn Time – FOLK AGM Time; Introducing Geoff Holt, Work Party Boss; The Word from Wayne (fencing Hopkins fields, grazing pressure, management plans, public protection orders related to drinking and dog walking, ash dieback on the Hill, magnificent meadows, work on bike jumps); Butterfly Monitoring – what we saw in 2016; Review of Grazing Management; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2016; Smoke Signals (midsummer fiesta report, tree planting on Leckhampton Hill, dry stone walling at the Hill Fort, Midlands Dexter Group Meeting on the Common, Leckhampton Local History Society programme, ‘Trail and Ways’ poem by Angela France, sponsoring organisations)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 51 Summer 2016 Contents: Chris Ryder at the Palace; Introducing Angela France, Poet; Word from the Chair; Magnificent Meadows Fun and Flowers on the Hill Event; The Word from Wayne (magnificent meadows, grazing, biking, Hill Farm, dry stone wall); FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2016; Smoke Signals (shop on Leckhampton Hill, tree planting on Leckhampton Hill, butterfly monitoring, trig point painting, sponsoring organisations)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 50 Spring 2016 Contents: Introducing Councillor Chris Ryder, Cheltenham’s Next Mayor; Word from the Chair – Friends in the Future; Cattle Grazing on the Common and the effect on Flower Numbers and Insect Abundance; The Word from Wayne (grazing, magnificent meadows, key wildlife sites scheme, lime kilns interpretation panels, commemorative benches, biking community, mapping); Midlands Dexter Group 2015 Herd Competition; Annual General Meeting 2015; FOLK Work Party Report Spring 2016; Smoke Signals (Queen’s birthday litter pick, butterfly monitoring 2016 – additional volunteers required, by-pass for Cheltenham via Charlton Kings – a local history flash back, stepping out in style, fenced in, photographic competition 2016)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 49 Autumn 2015 Contents: Chat from the Chair – John Harvey’s views on some topical issues; The Word from Wayne (maintenance of public rights of way, grazing, magnificent meadows, industrial archaeology interpretation boards, litter, summer fiesta, work on trees, commemorative bench dedicated to Brian Phillips, CBC work party day); Introducing Andrew Ross, FOLK Executive Committee Member; 2015 Butterfly Survey – initial impressions; Save Our Magnificent Meadows Project Update; FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2015; Smoke Signals (dexters update, summer fiesta competition prize winners, FOLK website, hanging black bag mystery, photographic competition)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 48 Summer 2015 Contents: FOLK at the Midsummer Fiesta in Montpelier Gardens; The Word from Wayne (magnificent meadows, grazing, rubbish bins, Salterley Quarry car park, Warden Hill primary school visit, restricted byway signs); Natural England Site Visit; Introducing Jenny Palmer; Brian Phillips – a tribute; FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2015, Smoke Signals (FOLK website, Magnificent Meadows walk, sponsoring organisations)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 47 Spring 2015 Contents: Word from our ne Chairperson John Harvey; The Word from Wayne (Rural Payments Agency, grazing, wildflower monitoring, lime kilns, restricted byway status, restoring grassland); Introducing Julius Marstrand; AGM Report; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2014; Smoke Signals (Save our Magnificent Meadows Project, fencing around lime kilns, can you help?, FOLK website)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 46 Autumn 2014 Contents: Reflections on his Chairmanship of FOLK by Julius Marstrand; The Word from Wayne (grazing, interpretation boards, biking, memorial benches, lime kilns); Introducing John-Paul North; Visit of Cleeve Conservators; Hemp Agrimony – Sheep or Wolf?; Butterfly Survey 2014 – preliminary report; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2014; Smoke Signals (Ubico offers help, FOLK membership, remembering World War One, new addition to the Dexter team, Tour of Britain races up Leckhampton Hill)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 45 Summer 2014 Contents: Countryside Management Association Study Day; Chalara fraxinea – ash dieback and Leckhampton Hill; Avian word search; The Word from Wayne (grazing management plan, woodland management , wildflower monitoring, mountain biking, access); Introducing Mike Donnelly; FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2014; Smoke Signals (Charlton Kings Summer Fete, apology, comment from member, executive committee snippets, fungi identification, butterfly and wildflower monitoring, walkers on the Hill and Common, big cats in Gloucestershire – fact or fiction)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 44 Spring 2014 Contents: AGM 2013; The Word from Wayne (grazing, management plans, woodland, Swindon Village Parish Council, hemp agrimony, Countryside Management Association, information boards); Birds of the Common and Hill; Introducing Mary Paterson, FOLK Member; Spot those Trees; Work Party Report Spring 2014, Smoke Signals (Cheltenham Bird Club, letter from member – ‘Getting Plastered’, Fungi site visit; wildflower and butterfly monitoring, strictly walking on the Hill)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 43 Autumn 2013 Contents: The Hill and Common – another year of development; Cycling matters; Butterfly Monitoring – Year 1; Introducing Russell Smith, FOLK member; Wild flowers on the Hill and Common; Butterfly word search; The Word from Wayne (grazing, scrub management plan, state of lime kilns, benches on the Hill and Common, Cotswold Wardens, woodland, mountain bikers); Work Party Report Autumn 2013; Smoke Signals (correction, AGM reminder, Open Spaces Society, The Birds of Gloucestershire, FOLK website, thanks to supporters, interpretation boards, newsletter, memorial benches, Devil’s Chimney Chase, feathered friends)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 42 Summer 2013 Contents: Big Changes in Management Regime; Bring on the summer ‘Air time’; The Word from Wayne (grazing site meeting, interpretation boards, archaeology on the Hill, commemorative benches, competing used, tree walk); Work Party Report Summer 2013; FOLKtalk (spotted on the Hill, survey of readers, early results for butterfly spotters)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 41 Spring 2013 Contents: The Dexter Project – Recent Arrivals; The Work from Wayne (damage to boundary fence, grazing, controlled burning, restoration work, hemp agrimony, limekilns, iron age fort interpretation boards, ash die back disease); Leckhampton Hill Fort – a postscript from the Cotswold Wardens; Measuring Change in our Species-rich Grassland – the role of butterflies; Braving the winter conditions by pedal on the hill; Work Party Report Spring 2013, FOLKtalk (round up of the AGM; Ash die back, Parish Council support)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 40 Autumn 2012 Contents: Iron Age Ramparts and Trig Point to be spruced up; Managing the Grassland; Membership Subscriptions; Cycling Update; FOLK Work Party Report Late Summer 2012; FOLKtalk (grassland monitoring, organisational member, name that calf – new arrival due, FOLK AGM)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 39 Summer 2012 Contents: Countryside Recreation Network (visit the Hill); Charlton Kings Common Grazing Awareness Information; Agreement reached for cycling in Buckholt Wood near Cranham; FOLK Work Party Spring 2012 Report; FOLKtalk (continued support from our local Parish Councils; grassland management plan, grassland monitoring, name that calf, immigrant reptiles and amphibians, spotted on the Cotswold Way)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 38 Spring 2012 Contents: A ‘Leckhampton Stalwart’ (obituary for Judith Frazer-Holland); Progress on the Fencing Project; Measuring Change in our Species-rich Grassland; How a cycling ban in Cranham Woods could be bad news for Leckhampton Hill…; FOLK Work Party Winter Report 2011/12; Continued support from our local Parish Councils

FOLK Newsletter Issue 37 Autumn 2011 Contents: 2011 Annual General Meeting; Crickley Hill Parking Charges; Allan Wood (obituary); Wall by Norman Nicholson (poem); FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2011; FOLK Exhibit at Paws in the Park in 2011; The Wall – the final chapter of Stage 1

FOLK Newsletter Issue 36 Spring 2011 Contents: Charlton Kings Common Dry Stone Walling Project; Charlton Kings Common in the 1950s; Scrub – Undesirable Invader or Essential Companion?; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn/Winter 2010/11

FOLK Newsletter Issue 35 Autumn 2010 Contents: The BIG Picnic; Higher Level Stewardship; FOLK Work Party Report Spring to Autumn 2010; Trees – Fact and Folklore; Pride of Gloucestershire Community Awards 2010 (Judith Frazer-Holland received Environmental Hero Award); Draft Tourism & Marketing Strategy

FOLK Newsletter Issue 34 Spring 2010 Contents: Join us for the Cotswold Wildflower Week Walk; Historic Dry Stone Walling Project; FOLK Work Party Report Winter 2009/10; Community Service Work Party; Now you see it… (Devil’s Chimney clearance work); New blood on the Executive Committee; Continued support from Parish Councils

FOLK Newsletter Issue 33 Winter 2009 Contents: Thank you , Annette; Cheltenham in Bloom Garden Competition Awards Evening (FOLK awarded ‘Outstanding Community Involvement’ Trophy); FOLK Tenth Annual General Meeting – Chairman’s Report; Work Party Report Summer/Autumn 2009; Daisybank Fields Dirt Jump Site

FOLK Newsletter Issue 32 Summer 2009 Contents: Tramway Cottage Saved (for now); High Powered visit from DEFRA; Work Party Report Spring 2009; Rodin association with local hills around Cheltenham; Bird Observation Walk

FOLK Newsletter Issue 31 Winter 2008 Contents: CBC Site Visit; New Discoveries at Leckhampton Iron Age Hillfort; FOLK AGM 2008 Chairman’s Report; Tour of Commons on the Cotswolds Scarp Slope; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2008; Gloucestershire Invertebrate Group (meeting on the HILL & lists of molluscs, spiders, moths, bees, beetles and BAO Species identified)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 30 Autumn 2008 Contents: Our Heritage for Sale – Tramway Cottage; Mountain Bike Update; The Dexters Continue their Job on the Hill; Work Party Report Summer 2008; Old Mast on “The Peak” Birdlip and Leckhampton Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 29 Winter 2007 Contents: FOLK AGM 2007 Chairman’s Address; Can you help with monitoring?; Mountain Bike Matters; Downhill Riding on Leckhampton Hill; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn/Winter 2007

FOLK Newsletter Issue 28 Autumn 2007 Contents: Cattle Grazing Project Secures Large Grant (mains water supply); FOLK Work Party Report Spring/Autumn 2007; Walk for Bird Song 2007; BBC Radio 4’s Visit to the Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 27 Spring 2007 Contents: Take the ‘Little Devils’ to the Chimney; January Work Party with Mountain Biking Assistance; FOLK Work Party Report Winter 2007; Look the Other Way (dry stone walls)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 26 Winter 2006 Contents: Chairman’s Address; The Cotswolds – Why they are an AONB; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2006; Leckhampton Hill (poem by Jenny Smith)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 25 Autumn 2006 Contents: Interpretation Boards; FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2006; Charlton Kings Common 1968 & 2006; Mothing Evening on Leckhampton; New CBC Appointment

FOLK Newsletter Issue 24 Summer 2006 Contents: Grazing Begins to have a Positive Effect; FOLK Bird Walk; James Blockley, Community Park Ranger; FOLK Work Party Report Spring 2006; Leckhampton Wonderland

FOLK Newsletter Issue 23 Spring 2006 Contents: Mountain Biking Report; Modification Orders (to upgrade 3 tracks); Obituary of David Bick; FOLK Work Party Report Winter 2005/6; A View from the Hill; Guided Walks Spring 2006; Cotswold Limestone Grassland – What is Unimproved Limestone Grassland?

FOLK Newsletter Issue 22 Winter 2005 Contents: FOLK Sixth Annual General Meeting; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2005; Bramble – a nuisance or a haven for wild life?

FOLK Newsletter Issue 21 Autumn 2005 Contents: FOLK – The First Five Years; Mountain Boarding and Leckhampton; FOLK Work Party Report Summer 2005; A Look at Coppicing; Grazing on the Common; Gorse – An Attractive Shrub or a Noxious Weed?

FOLK Newsletter Issue 20 Summer 2005 Contents: FOLK – The First Five Years; FOLK Bird Walk; FOLK Work Party Report Spring 2005; Grasses on the Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 19 Spring 2005 Contents: Belmont School (join FOLK work party); FOLK Work Party Report Winter 2004/5; Wildlife Collective; Managing the Industrial Archaeology of Leckhampton Hill; Blooming Ash Trees

FOLK Newsletter Issue 18 Winter 2004 Contents: Chairman’s Address; Grazing Report; Work Party Report Autumn 2004; Lecky Hill in the 1940’s – A Young Boy’s Dream of Heaven; Management of the Limestone Grassland; Management of Parts of Leckhampton Hill & Charlton Kings Common Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by Hay Cutting; Muntjac Deer Spotted on Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 17 Autumn 2004 Contents: New Rural Geology Trail – Leckhampton Hill; Leckhampton Hill SSSI Bird Survey Spring/Summer 2004; Grazing Report; Work Party Report Summer 2004; Snake-Like but not a Snake (slow worm)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 16 Summer 2004 Contents: Mountain Biking & Down-Hilling on Leckhampton Hill & Charlton Kings Common; Paragliding from Leckhampton Hill; Birds of Leckhampton Hill – Tree Pipits; FOLK Work Party Report Spring 2004; Grazing on the Common; Industrial Archaeology; Vicious Killer Spotted on Hill (stoats)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 15 Spring 2004 Contents: Cotswold AONB Management Plan; Letters; FOLK Work Party Report Winter 2003/4; Conservation of the Industrial Archaeology of Leckhampton Hill; “Pleased to Meet You” by James Blockley (Community Parks Officer); Birds of Leckhampton Hill – Buzzards; FOLK Fundraising; What have the cows been up to whilst at home?; Retire in Style at Jubilee Court, Cheltenham (by Pegasus, sponsors of the FOLK Newsletter 2004)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 14 Winter 2003 Contents: FOLK AGM Chairman’s Address; FOLK Work Party Report Autumn 2003; Provisional Outline Work Programme February – October 2004; Beneath the Devil’s Chimney Part II; Downhill Biking; FOLK helps with Cheltenham’s Britain in Bloom award; Needed – New Members; Report on Cattle Grazing; Frequent Reports of Roe Deer on Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 13 Autumn 2003 Contents: New Group Joins Conservation Work Parties on Hill (cattle); Work Party Report Summer 2003; Moth Trapping Report; Geology Walk; Bird-Watch Walk; Beneath the Devil’s Chimney

FOLK Newsletter Issue 12 Summer 2003 Contents: Grassland Management – The Burning Issue; Work Party Report Spring 2003; Moth Trapping; Spring Bird Observations; Roman Snails Killed by Fire on Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 11 March 2003 Contents: Grazing Trials Commence; Work Party Report Winter 2002/3; Daisybank Fields (bike jumps); Live & Let Live (mountain bikes); Orchids to Look Out For;  Adders Awaken after Hibernation

FOLK Newsletter Issue 10 December 2002 Contents: New Site Management Plan Adopted; Work Party Report – Autumn/Winter 2002; Not Just Neglect – Invertebrates and Grassland and Scrub Management; Letter from Local Resident; Grazing Trials Proposed for Charlton Kings Common; Invisible Foragers on the Hill (Field Voles & Wood Mice)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 09 September 2002 Contents: Draft Site Management Plan Published; 100 Years on, FOLK Celebrated Anniversary (of riots); Down Memory Lane – Coronation Beacon; Work Party Report; Biodiversity on the Hill

FOLK Newsletter Issue 08 June 2002 Contents: Work Party Report; Ancient Ridge & Furrow at Daisybank; Managing the Hill’s Industrial Past;  News Snippets; Letter Response (to Keep the Hill Open – No Fencing, No Grazing); Glowing Reports on the Hill (glow-worms)

FOLK Newsletter Issue 07 March 2002 Contents: Conservation Work; Keep the Hill Open – Continuing the Debate; Checklist of birds seen regularly on Leckhampton Hill & Charlton Kings Common; Work Party Review; Draft Access, Rights of Way and Tracks Policy; Lizards emerge in warm Spring sunshine

FOLK Newsletter Issue 06 December 2001 Contents: FOLK Successful in Grant Bids; Keep the Hill Open – No Fencing, No Grazing; Work Party Review; Do Dormice live on the Hill?

FOLK Newsletter Issue 05 September 2001 Contents: Working Parties back in Full Swing; FOLK Assist in Cheltenham Borough Council’s Award as a Beacon Council 2001-2; Committee News; Recreation; Work Party Review; Keeping the Hill Open for People and Wildlife; Leckhampton Hill Riots

FOLK Newsletter Issue 04 June 2001 Contents: The Hill & Common Reopen; FOLK Action; Conservation on the Hill & Common; Site Management Plan; National Vegetation Classification Phase 1 Survey Map of Leckhampton Hill & Charlton Kings Common; Quarrying at Leckhampton Hill, 1920

FOLK Newsletter Issue 03 March 2001 Contents: Foot & Mouth Closes the Hill; A Message from the FOLK Chairman; Working Parties; Slugs and Snails and Leckhampton Hill; Leckhampton Hill in 1863

FOLK Newsletter Issue 02 December 2000 Contents: Time for Action; First Annual General Meeting; Bird Observation on Leckhampton Hill; History; Volunteers Required – Scrub Clearance on the Hill; Recreation

FOLK Newsletter Issue 01 September 2000 Contents: What has Happened to Date; What is Planned for the Future; Interim Executive Committee Guided Walk; Introduction to FOLK’s Plans for Conservation and Recreation; An Introduction to the History of Leckhampton Hill

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