CHELTENHAM LOTTERY & FOLK           Supporting Local Good Causes

Cheltenham Borough Council has joined a growing number of local councils supporting community-centred online weekly lotteries. Starting in 2015 with the Vale Lottery, in Aylesbury, this scheme is pouring tens of thousands of pounds into local good causes every month and Cheltenham has come on board, launching its own local lottery. FOLK wholeheartedly supports this initiative and will be one of the beneficiaries of the regular income which it generates.

Put simply, players choose six numbers per entry at a cost of £1 per week. Prizes range from £25 to £25,000. Of the income generated, 50% goes to the registered good causes, 20% is distributed in prizes and 20% is used to cover costs, including associated taxes. The final 10% is automatically allocated to Cheltenham Borough Council’s own charitable cause which is ”No Child Left Behind” year of action on child poverty.

The Cheltenham Lottery will (like all the others in this scheme) be independently run by a specialist lottery management company – Gatherwell Ltd. Cheltenham Borough Council is fully supportive of the scheme but takes no money from its operations; apart from promoting the scheme, the Council’s chief role is to verify the status of organisations registering as local good causes.

Why is FOLK promoting this scheme?

The Cheltenham Lottery only supports local good causes and FOLK has been registered as one of the good causes to benefit.

How can I make sure my ticket purchase helps FOLK?

If you would like the proceeds of your ticket purchase to go directly to FOLK, please buy your tickets via the FOLK webpage within the Cheltenham Lottery site, by following this link:

You can also go to the “find a good cause” page at and type Friends in the search bar. This will bring up any local registered “Friends” groups and you can click on FOLK there.

If you prefer you may also play by ringing 01242 396124 from 0900 to 1730 Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Why is this lottery important for FOLK?

FOLK works hard to help preserve the landscape and wildlife on Leckhampton Hill and Charlton Kings Common, but although its efforts are voluntary, there are costs to meet, including the purchase and maintenance of heavy duty tools. So regular income from the Cheltenham Lottery will provide a hugely welcome boost to our operations.
Membership of FOLK no longer costs you anything at all . . . and even if only one in ten of our members play, we stand to receive up to £1000 per year. So perhaps you could consider offering your support by playing the Cheltenham Lottery every week – and giving yourself the chance of winning the £25,000 first prize. Please tell your friends too. Even if they are not members they may want to help.

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