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Why Join FOLK?

  1. Support the only voluntary organisation dedicated to the protection of the Hill and the Common.
  2. Strengthen FOLK‘s influence on behalf of users of the site; have a voice in the future of the site and its management; add to FOLK‘s range of expertise.
  3. Membership fees help to fund the practical work by FOLK which is essential for maintaining the natural and historical features of the site.
  4. Join with others to help with work parties and survey tasks; improve your fitness in the outdoors and make new friends.
  5. Receive a regular newsletter, before it is available on the FOLK website, to keep you up to date about what FOLK is doing and what is happening on the site.
  6. For a trial period FOLK is offering FREE membership, and renewals.  So join us now!

What if there was no FOLK?

  1. Important wildlife would have been lost due to open limestone grassland being replaced by scrub and woodland.
  2. The quality of people’s visits to the site would be very different and many views would have been lost
  3. Grazing might not have been introduced.
  4. Much important site management work would not have been carried out.

Membership Fees

Individual Members One Year Five Years
1.1 Full Rate (per person) Free#
1.2 Concessionary Rate* (pp) Free#
1.4 Family Rate** Free#
Organisational Members
2.1 Non-commercial £10 £40
2.2 Commercial £25 £100

*    Unemployed/unwaged, students and pensioners.

**  Up to two adults plus children.

#    Free annual membership, and renewal, is being offered for a limited period.  Voluntary donations will be gratefully received.

How to Join

Please open and fill in the application form below and email, or post, it back to us as instructed on the form.

FOLK Membership Application Form 12-2018

Should you have any queries about membership of FOLK and/or wish to contact the FOLK Membership Secretary then please send an email to

Personal Data Protection

FOLK will protect all personal data provided to it by members, and as part of the membership application process, in accordance with its ‘data policy’ which can be accessed via the link below.

FOLK Data Policy Issue 1

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