FOLK produces regular newsletters, normally three a year, which are provided directly to all FOLK Members and, after a delay, are posted either below or on the ‘Previous Newsletters’ sub-page which can be accessed via the link at the bottom of this page.

The most recent newsletter that is available to FOLK Members is Issue 60, Summer 2019.  The following can be found in this newsletter: Front Page – Ninety Years of Freedom; Page 2 – Powering up the Hill and the Common; Page 4 – Seventy Years of Landscape Protection…; Page 5 – …and Ninety Years of Local Freedom; Page 6 – Unexpected Visitors; Page 8 – Epic Migration: One Cuckoo’s Story; Page 10 – Butterfly Survey 2018 – Part 2; Page 14 – Thank You Charlton Kings Parish Council, FOLK Quiz Night; Page 15 – Cuckoo Spit: Harmless or Hazardous?; Page 16 – The Word from Wayne; Page 19 – Drone Survey Update; Page 23 – Guided Walks this Summer.

The previous newsletter can be opened by clicking on this link FOLK Newsletter Issue 59 Spring 2019.

All the other earlier Newsletters, from Issue 1, can be accessed via the link below.


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