Annual Report

FOLK AGM Report for 2020

Covid 19

  • On site
    • Increased number of visitors
    • Car parks often full
    • Increase in litter
  • Work parties
    • Cancelled for nearly 3 months
    • Following Covid guidelines
    • Litter picking
  • Committee working
    • Greater use of internet and adoption of Zoom meetings
  • Recruitment of new members
    • Events at which FOLK normally has recruitment and information stall cancelled

Committee Activities

  • 6 meetings held: 2 face to face, 4 Zoom, 2 site visits
  • Membership : Representative of off-road cyclists co-opted
  • Some issues discussed :
    • Possible local authority re-organisation
    • Cycling
    • 20 year celebration

Major Works Carried Out

  • Cotswold Wall rebuild beside Cotswold Way continued (Cotswold Wardens)
  • Steps installed above Incline Car Park and up from Salterley Quarry (Cotswold Wardens)
  • Brownstones Quarry Car park extended
  • Map showing vernacular names of locations completed
  • Specialised machine trialled to cut Gorse

Brownstones Car Park Extension

The extension is considerable doubling the available space and improving the surface.

FOLK has worked on clearing the periphery and preparing the surrounding areas for the new surface.

Steps installed over Steep inclines (Cotswolds Wardens)

Steps installed by Area 16 up to the picnic space makes access much easier.

Steps installed running down to Salterley Quarry again make these steep inclines significantly safer.

Cotswold Stone Wall by the Cotswold Way (Cotswolds Wardens)

Before and after pictures of the Cotswold Stone wall built up by the Cotswold way just by Salterley Quarry and Hartley Lane.

The Cotswold wardens have done a tremendous job here and with adjacent steps fitted to the Quarry car park.


  • Offer of free membership continued
  • Number of members
    • 2018 – 270
    • 2019 – 400
    • 2020 – 411

Public Involvement

  • Followers on Facebook more than doubled (from 183 to over 500)
  • Active feedback on Facebook
  • 20th Anniversary display developed (cancelled due to COVID)
  • Website updated

External Funding

  • No information on outcome of National Grid bid since January 2020
  • Cheltenham member of Parliament approached for support in getting a response and NG have promised a response early in 2021

Secretary’s Report

Activity Volunteer hours
Work Parties 832
Project Work 107
Newsletter Production 130
Events 0
Committee meetings and work 432
TOTAL 1501
  • Project work includes:
    • Mapping work with QGIS
    • National grid (Restoring Cheltenham’s Escarpment Grasslands)
    • Cheltenham Lottery and other promotional work
    • Setting up online working

Work Parties Report 2019/20

Tasks completed over last year include

  • removing gorse, hawthorn, bramble and cotoneaster
  • cutting fire breaks through gorse stands
  • annual mowing and clearance in various areas
  • removing Hemp Agrimony and Ragwort
  • litter picking
  • removing growth to re-expose Cotswold stone walls
  • chemical treatment of patches of Rosebay Willowherb, Golden Rod and Michaelmas Daisies
  • removing tall scrub to open up a flight-path for Duke of Burgundy butterflies

Work Party Statistics 2019/20

  • Although we had to cancel work parties for nearly 3 months due to Covid-19 restrictions we were able to restart them in July
  • Since restarting the work parties we have had an influx of new volunteers which is very welcome
  • We now have 32 people on our regular volunteers list
  • Over the year we have logged 828 volunteer hours at work parties
  • The maximum number attending individual work parties has been 18 and the minimum 6

Financial Summary

  • Income £850
  • Expenditure £455
  • Surplus for the year £395
  • Total funds at year end £5712
  • Both Income and expenditure are reduced this year due to Covid
  • Cheltenham Lottery producing a regular monthly income

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