AGM 2019 Minutes

Minutes of the Twentieth Annual General Meeting held on  20th  November 2019 at The Wheatsheaf, Old Bath Road

 20.0    Welcome

The Chair, John Harvey, welcomed 42 members and visitors to the twentieth AGM of FOLK.

20.1    Apologies for Absence

Angie Boyes, Tony Duffin, Shirley Wood, Alan Booth

 20.2    Minutes of the Nineteenth AGM Held on 13th November 2018

The minutes of the nineteenth AGM were accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting.
Proposed:  Serena Meredith                           Seconded:  Pete Niblett

 20.3    Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

 20.4    Chairman’s Report

The Chairman (John Harvey) opened his remarks by thanking the executive committee for their support over the past year. Particular thanks were given to:

  • Martin Wood for producing an excellent newsletter
  • Mike Donnelly for his constant work in maintaining notice boards and publicity
  • Geoff Holt for his tireless work in organising the work parties
  • Peter Niblett for organising a thoroughly enjoyable program of social events.

John then remarked that two individual members of the work  parties were worthy of special mention in view of their enthusiastic support over a prolonged period. In recognition of this flowers were presented to Serena `Meredith and Jenny Stevens and all present joined John in thanking them for their efforts.

John noted with sadness that Tony Meredith, a long standing member of FOLK, had passed away during the year.

Finally, before commencing his formal presentation John passed on thanks from Ray Wilson for the support given by FOLK to the industrial archaeology sites upon the hill.

John presented the formal business charts, and these are attached as appendix 1 to these minutes. These charts included:

20.4.1 The major developments during the year including the growth in membership from 136 to 400 over the course of the year, and further progress in using the data produced by the drone survey to map the vegetation upon the hill.

20.4.2 The Secretary’s report showing that a total of 2240 hours of volunteers work had been done by FOLK over the past year.

20.4.3 The Work Party report which provided details of the main tasks completed by the work parties, and the statistics relating to work parties

20.4.4 The Finance Report showing a surplus for the year of £924.74. This left FOLK with total funds at the end of the year amounting to £5,226 which equates to more than 6 years of normal operating expense. Acceptance of the formal accounts was proposed by Andrew Ross and seconded by Peter Whalley and the meeting agreed.

20.4.5 Election of Officers and Executive Committee members. John presented a chart showing the proposed officers and committee members for the year ahead. At the 2018 AGM the constitution had been amended to allow officer and committee members to continue beyond the normal term set down in the constitution if no other nominations had been received to replace them. In the chart presented by John (and included in appendix 1 to these minutes) the officers and committee members reaching the end of their normal permitted term are shown in red, as are newly proposed officers and committee members. The meeting approved the appointment of all those shown in red on the attached chart (those shown in black continue automatically without needing the approval of the AGM).

Therefore, the officers adopted for the year are:

  • John Harvey as Chairman
  • Ken Brennan as Secretary
  • Malcolm Geddes as Treasurer
  • Tony Duffin as Membership Secretary

In addition a further 7 members of the Executive Committee were approved.

The following Executive Committee members left the committee

  • Chris Ryder
  • Andrew Ross
  • Alistair McKenzie

20.4.6 National Grid Update. John presented a collection of charts (attached as appendix 2 to these minutes) which updated the meeting on the partnership between FOLK, CBC and Charlton Kings Parish Council in bidding for funding from the National Grid.

20.9    Any Other Business

There was no other business so the formal AGM closed at around 7:45pm. There then followed a fascinating and enjoyable presentation from Ian Stevenson from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust explaining much of the work done by the Trust at Crickley Hill.

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